Keeping Your Heart Healthy!

High Cholesterol and blood pressure, inactivity, and stress: these are just some of the risk factors leading to an unhealthy heart. How do you manage the risks contributing to heart disease? Physical activity is one way to help minimize the risk, but do you know regular massage therapy has been proven to reduce your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease? The Benefits Program Membership at LaVida Massage + Skincare is designed to give you the opportunity to take care of your heart, among other things, conveniently and affordably.

One of the major issues associated with high blood pressure and other heart related issues is that they have very few visible symptoms. In most cases, individuals learn they have cardiovascular disease after it has already done damage, such as a heart attack or stroke. Men and women are equally likely to be affected by high blood pressure and few know age is not a major contributing factor. Therapeutic Massage can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and our professionally trained and Certified Massage Therapists at LaVida Massage + Skincare can assist with relieving tension that may cause damage.

Regular massage can also contribute to increased circulation in the body. A major part of keeping your heart and other muscles healthy is maintaining constant and unhindered circulation of blood. Improved blood circulation is central to the health of all muscles in the human body, especially the heart, and is vital for the repair of muscles and distribution of oxygen-rich blood. When a trained massage therapist manipulates the body, the movements directly remove old and stored blood, as well as toxins that have built up- drawing new blood to the area.

Let the Certified Massage Therapists at LaVida Massage + Skincare help you achieve your optimum wellness for a healthy heart. Stop by any of our LaVida Massage + Skincare centers and see how we can help you!